Italian Language Private Group Programs

Centro Studi Italiani collaborates with important international schools, colleges, universities and associations (for complete listing, visit the Partnership page) in designing and managing Italian Language private group programs on their behalf in Italy.

These programs allow students to gain a global experience and immerse themselves in the fascinating world of the Italian language and culture. The content of these programs commonly includes Italian language study along with cultural sessions, cooking classes, masterclasses, visits to main Italian cities and other Italian cultural experiences.

The two main signature programs are the “Andiamo!” program (language and culture) and the “Tasty Italia!” program (Italian travel culinary program). They are both specific for private groups and are the perfect balance between the study of the Italian language and the discovery of Italian culture, art and tastes.

Centro Studi Italiani is arguably the most predominant centre in Italy to host and co-manage international opera programs since 1986. All programs share the same vision: educate through language knowledge, music preparation and performance opportunities the next generation of musicians, in particular classical singers.

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