Vera Italia, True Italy, however you call it, it always means one thing: 100% authenticity. Over the years, we have always been committed to ensuring our students would live a 100% authentic Italian experience, rich of small and big things, and moments of absolute authenticity. We believe that learning a language also means immersing in the culture and lifestyle of its native speakers. In this section you find all this, e molto di più!

Vera Italia, True Italy, however you call it, it always means one thing: 100% authenticity.

Experience the masterpieces of the Italian Opera in a suggestive setting such as the Arena di Verona or the many theatres throughout our territory. Tours and music programs of various genres are waiting for you to discover the long musical tradition of our country.


Allegro, with a lot of brio

Did you know that opera was born in Italy in the 17th century? This is why certain musical terms – such as “pianissimo” or “allegro” – are still used in Italian today.
In our Music Tours you will appreciate, with your ears and with your heart, the musicality of the Italian language in breathtaking locations such as the Verona Arena or in top level kermesse, such as the Rossini Opera Festival in Pesaro.


Something to applause to…

Here’s something our singers, pianists and instrumentalists from our Opera Programs look forward to: performing in front of their favorite audience – you.
During your stay, in a classical but informal atmosphere, you can attend music concerts covering the most traditional Italian operatic repertoire, performed by our international young artists. “Bravooo”!

We Are Family

Centro Studi Italiani is run by a family and we consider each student and each teacher to be a part of it!

Italians can always count on the support of a big, warm and welcoming family. In our schools, you will experience the same warmth, while learning in a familiar environment, where everyone is special.
Our teaching method puts each student at the center of the education experience, that takes place not only inside the classroom but also outside. For this reason, we always offer cultural experiences, excursions, workshops and cultural trips in order to broaden your learning experience and make you feel at home.


Hungry for Italian culture? Bite our courses!

We offer a wide range of cultural activities and workshops that will let you experience first-hand the authentic Italian culture.
Our cultural courses are open to students of all ages and backgrounds, from enthusiasts to professionals.
We have also built special paths for those who wish to have a deeper insight to specific aspects of the Italian culture (food, wine, fine arts, art history, design, etc.).

Listen to what our students say. Literally.

"L’italiano non è solo una lingua. È cultura, amore, famiglia, e devi essere proprio lì per capirlo."

Anthony Lopez (Panama)

“Era una memoria importante nella mia vita quando studiavo l’italiano al Centro Studi Italiani”

Guo Jiayi (China)

“I miei insegnanti erano incredibili! Devo tutto quello che ho imparato a loro.”

“CSI Urbania ha ottimi insegnanti e è un ambiente ideale per immergersi nell’italiano”

Jean-Pierre Deruddere (Australia)

“Centro Studi Italiani tiene un posto speciale nel mio cuore”

Laura Stedge (USA)

Our schools. Your home.
Hungry for more? Bite our courses.