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Long-term Italian Course

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Our long-term Italian course has been carefully designed to provide you with a comprehensive, thorough journey in learning the Italian language.

In addition to equipping you with the necessary language skills, we offer you the opportunity to experience Italian culture firsthand. You will be immersed in an environment that fosters natural learning, allowing you to practice and refine the language in everyday life situations.

If you have the desire to live in Italy, completely surrounding yourself with the language and culture of our extraordinary country, our long-term Italian language course is the ideal choice for you, and now it’s available at a special price! This unique opportunity allows you to fully immerse yourself in the linguistic and cultural beauty of Italy, ensuring an extraordinary learning and life experience.

You should participate in the course if:

What is the purpose of the long-term Italian course?

The long-term course adopts an integrated approach, combining theory lessons with practical classes and interactive activities.

You will be guided by highly qualified, passionate teachers who will accompany you on this learning journey. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to participate in cultural events, excursions, and social activities, further enriching your experience.

Not only will you acquire language skills, but you will also live a unique and unforgettable experience in Italy. Our school is dedicated to making your dream of living in Italy a reality, providing you with a high-quality educational path and an authentic immersion into Italian life and language.

This is the perfect course if you aspire to enroll in higher education institutions such as various Italian universities, Fine Arts Academies, and Conservatories, for example.

Improve your Italian quickly with us! 

Below, you can find all the information you need before enrolling in the long-term course.
Discover all the details of our customizable course and learn Italian quickly and effectively with Centro Studi Italiani.

Features of the long-term Italian course

Our long-term Italian course is open to students of all levels, ages, and nationalities, providing a comprehensive opportunity to understand, speak, read, and write in Italian. Designed for those aiming to reach an advanced level, the course offers a multi-month living experience in Italy. It is also the ideal option for those aspiring to access Italian universities, Fine Arts Academies, and Conservatories, as well as for those wanting to live an extended period in Italy, immersing themselves in local culture and experiencing a new phase of life.

Our dedicated staff will provide care and special attention throughout your journey. By specifying your needs and goals, we will become your reference point during your stay in Italy. We will assist you every step of the way from preparing the necessary documents for visa applications, to finding housingand all procedures related to residency permits.

Upon completion of the course, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam to certify your achieved language level. Centro Studi Italiani will issue a certificate that you can use for your career or university admission. With our comprehensive, personalized approach, we can guarantee thorough preparation and an unforgettable educational experience during your stay in Italy.

Who is the course for?

The course is addressed to students of any level of language proficiency. 

Registration and prices

Our student office will provide you with information on various course options based on your level and needs. Together, we will define the start dates and the type of course.

Accommodation and Transfers

Living in Italy can be a seamless experience with the various accommodation options and assistance provided by Centro Studi Italiani during your stay. We offer the opportunity to choose between fully furnished apartments and host families, each option designed to make your time in Italy unforgettable.

The offered apartments come with complete furnishings, including linens, kitchen utensils, and appliances. They may vary in size and number of bedrooms, with options for single or double rooms. You can opt for a shared apartment with other school students or a private apartment for exclusive use. All housing solutions are within walking distance from the school, ensuring convenience and accessibility.

If you wish to fully immerse yourself in Italian culture, you can choose the homestay accommodation option. You will have the opportunity to live in a comfortable Italian home and share your experience with the host family. Homestay accommodation options include single or double rooms, offering three different service combinations: Bed & Breakfast, half board, or full board.

All accommodation options are carefully selected by our staff and are located a short distance from the school and the city’s main attractions. To meet specific needs, our student office is always at your disposal.

Additionally, Centro Studi Italiani can arrange transfer services from major train stations and airports on request, contributing to making your arrival and departure more convenient.


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Location All


Total Hours Flexible


Course Structure Flexible


Course Length Flexible


Entry Level All


Price Upon request

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Long Term Italian Language Course is open to students of all levels, age and mother tongue who wish to understand, speak, read and write Italian.

Our Long Term Italian Language Course is designed to reach a high level, living for several months in Italy. Enjoy a new life experience, living in contact with the locals and take the opportunity to improve your Italian language skills.

You’ll receive special care and attention from our staff: specifying your needs and your goals, we will be your point of support during your stay in Italy.

Our staff will follow you step by step during the preparation of the documents necessary for the Visa application, we will help you in the search for accommodation and with all procedures for your Residence Permit.
At the end of your course, you can take a final exam to attest the linguistic level you reached. Centro Studi Italiani will release a certificate that you can use for your job or University credits.



This course is available at the following locations:

Registration and Price


Our student office will inform you about the available course options, according to your level and needs (beginning dates and course schedule).

Housing and pick-up


Centro Studi Italiani offers different kinds of accommodation and gives you all the assistance throughout your stay. You can choose between furnished apartments and host families. Choosing a homestay, you can enjoy a memorable immersive experience of genuine Italian life and hospitality while practising the language and getting to know the locals.


Apartments are fully furnished, including linens, washer, as well as kitchen utensils and appliances. All apartments are within easy walking distance from the school. They vary in size and number of bedrooms. Both single and double room options are available.
You can choose between the following options:
- shared apartment with other students from the school
- private apartment for an exclusive use

Host family

Students live in comfortable homes along with their host families with single or double room occupancy. All families meet the highest standards and criteria required by the school’s housing office.
Three different combinations are available:
- bed & breakfast
- half board
- full board

All housing options, carefully selected by our dedicated staff, are within walking distance from the school and the main city facilities. For specific housing requirements, our student office is at your disposal.

Pick up

Centro Studi Italiani can arrange pick-up on request from the main train stations and airports. For specific pick up requirements, our student office is at your disposal.

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"L’italiano non è solo una lingua. È cultura, amore, famiglia, e devi essere proprio lì per capirlo."

Anthony Lopez (Panama)

“Era una memoria importante nella mia vita quando studiavo l’italiano al Centro Studi Italiani”

Guo Jiayi (China)

“I miei insegnanti erano incredibili! Devo tutto quello che ho imparato a loro.”

“CSI Urbania ha ottimi insegnanti e è un ambiente ideale per immergersi nell’italiano”

Jean-Pierre Deruddere (Australia)

“Centro Studi Italiani tiene un posto speciale nel mio cuore”

Laura Stedge (USA)