Italian Language Long term Courses

If you choose one of our Italian language long term courses, you have two track options available: pre-academic or Italian level pro.

1) The pre-academic track includes two programs: Foundation course (EU and non-EU students, flexible length depending on the entry level) and Marco Polo & Turandot (Chinese students only, 10-11 months). The programs focus on pre-academic education for those students wishing to access higher education in Italy (Universities, Music Conservatories, Academies of Fine Arts). Both programs have a strong Italian linguistic component as well as an additional focus on the specific language terminology related to the chosen field of study (science, arts, music, etc.).

2) The length of the Italian level pro program varies from 3 up to 12 months. This program allows you to learn the Italian language gradually, having a wider time range available for your studies. This program is very popular among residents who live close to our schools and also among international students wishing to consolidate their Italian language skills while attending their university courses in Italy.

Choosing one of our Italian language long term courses, Centro Studi Italiani will reward your long stay commitment with a special tuition price deal that also includes assistance for visa supporting documents, housing search, medical insurance, and residence permit.

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