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Italian language A2 online group course

A2 Group Online Course Price


Course Location


Course Duration

Approximately 4 months

Course start periods

January, June, November (upon reaching the minimum number of enrolled students)

Total hours

50 hours

Course schedule

3 hours per week

Who is the class suitable for?

Students with knowledge of A1 level topics

This is our A2 Italian Online Group Course

Group A2 Italian Online Course provides an immersive opportunity to navigate the learning journey of the Italian language, all within the convenience of your home.

Our selection of online group courses in Italian language and culture offers an optimal solution for individuals looking to explore essential grammar elements and refine their linguistic abilities.

You should participate in the course if:

Why choose Group A2 Italian Online Course?

Designed for students who have already embarked on their journey into studying the Italian language and have acquired the foundations of level A1, the Group A2 Italian Online Course equips you with the necessary tools to continue exploring the captivating world of Italian language and culture.

Enrolling in the Group A2 Italian Online Course is a straightforward process: Centro Studi Italiani enables you to navigate your path through our dedicated e-learning platform, which is intuitive and user-friendly.

This allows you to connect with individuals from around the world, creating a virtual classroom environment that is both engaging and stimulating.

Improve your Italian quickly

Below, you will find all the key information regarding the Group A2 Italian Online Course. Explore the features of the course, who it is intended for, how our interactive e-learning platform works, and much more!
Here is all the information regarding the course:


The Group A2 Italian Online Course is organized with two weekly sessions, each lasting 1 hour and 30 minutes. Classes are structured in small groups with specific objectives and adapted to various time zones. The course program includes in-depth coverage of grammar, building basic vocabulary, and developing listening and conversational skills, encompassing the fundamental knowledge and skills of level A2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR).

By participating in this course, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with classmates from around the world, creating a friendly and relaxed environment for practicing the Italian language.

All sessions are fully guided and live streamed. And if you cannot attend a live lesson, don’t worry! Sessions can be recorded upon request, ensuring that you can always stay up-to-date with the course materials.

Who is the course for?

Our course is open to all students of any nationality and age who have never had the opportunity to study the Italian language. The course is designed for:

Individuals who wish to start learning Italian in order to travel to Italy or simply for the pleasure of acquiring a new language;
Those who need an A2 level certificate in the Italian language for study, work or other purposes.

In order to participate in the course it is necessary to have an A1 level preparation in the language.

Online platform

Make the most of our highly effective and interactive e-learning platform to excel in understanding, speaking, reading, writing, and practicing the Italian language. All educational materials, including the editable exercise workbook, are carefully created by the team of educators at Centro Studi Italiani and are easily accessible with just a click.

The course package encompasses lively conversation sessions and enjoyable interactive activities.

Registration and price

The cost of the Group A2 Italian Online Course is €800 and includes:

Online entry test
Access to the e-learning platform and virtual classroom;
50 hours of live online instruction in the Italian language;
Online support from the student office;
Final attendance certificate.

It’s possible to purchase a combined course for levels A1 and A2 at a discounted price! Contact our student office for further information!

Prepare for an Exam

If you’re considering taking a certification exam like CELI or CILS, this course is the perfect starting point to prepare for the necessary level!

Begin your learning journey with us, receiving guidance from our experienced instructor-examiners. Subsequently, you can register and sit for the exam directly at the Centro Studi Italiani location!


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Location Online


Total Hours 50 hours


Course Structure


Course Length 4 months


Entry Level


Price € 800

Registration and Price


Listen to what our students say. Literally.

"L’italiano non è solo una lingua. È cultura, amore, famiglia, e devi essere proprio lì per capirlo."

Anthony Lopez (Panama)

“Era una memoria importante nella mia vita quando studiavo l’italiano al Centro Studi Italiani”

Guo Jiayi (China)

“I miei insegnanti erano incredibili! Devo tutto quello che ho imparato a loro.”

“CSI Urbania ha ottimi insegnanti e è un ambiente ideale per immergersi nell’italiano”

Jean-Pierre Deruddere (Australia)

“Centro Studi Italiani tiene un posto speciale nel mio cuore”

Laura Stedge (USA)