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ANDIAMO! Italian Language and Culture Group Program

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Immerse yourself in an authentic Italian experience while learning language and culture at Centro Studi Italiani.

The Andiamo! Italian Language and Culture Group Program is the perfect balance between the study of the Italian language and the discovery of Italian art, culture and tastes. During this 2-week program you will have the chance to visit the three amazing cities of Florence, Venice and Rome, together with other small towns in central Italy.


Location Urbania


Total Hours 32hrs/Ita


Course Structure Upon request


Course Length 2 weeks


Entry Level All


Price Upon request

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With the Andiamo! Italian Language and Culture Group Program, you will take classes in Italian language, art, cooking and culture. Excursions to exquisite destinations of high artistic interest and natural beauty around Italy will provide you with a well rounded perspective of Italian life and culture. The language and culture program offered by Centro Studi Italiani is a completely unique experience because it is comprehensive.

The program
The program is specific for closed groups and includes 32 hours of Italian language and culture, cultural activities such as ceramics classes, cooking classes, wine tasting and trips (2 half-day and 2 full day excursions, and a final capstone weekend in Rome).

Participants in the Andiamo! Italian Language and Culture Group Program are housed in host families. This allows students to enjoy a memorable immersion experience of genuine Italian life and hospitality while practicing the language and getting to know the locals.



This course is available at the following locations:

Registration and Price


The program is exclusively for closed groups. If you are a professional and/or you are interested in creating a group, we will set up a detailed course schedule according to your needs.
Please contact us for more information.

Listen to what our students say. Literally.

"L’italiano non è solo una lingua. È cultura, amore, famiglia, e devi essere proprio lì per capirlo."

Anthony Lopez (Panama)

“Era una memoria importante nella mia vita quando studiavo l’italiano al Centro Studi Italiani”

Guo Jiayi (China)

“I miei insegnanti erano incredibili! Devo tutto quello che ho imparato a loro.”

“CSI Urbania ha ottimi insegnanti e è un ambiente ideale per immergersi nell’italiano”

Jean-Pierre Deruddere (Australia)

“Centro Studi Italiani tiene un posto speciale nel mio cuore”

Laura Stedge (USA)