Summer programs


This 2-week program is designed for those who would love to take hands-on cooking classes with local food experts. Besides Italian language and culture classes, the program gives you the opportunity to actively participate in the preparation of traditional Italian dishes and local recipes.



L'ITALIANO DEGUSTANDOItalian tastes lovers, this is what you were waiting for! A 2-week experience of Italian language, food andculture. While attending Italian language and culture classes, you will have the opportunity to discover thelocal culinary tradition, tasting different typical products and traditional recipes.




The perfect package for those who want to explore some of the most fascinating destinations of central Italy. From authentic and unspoiled small villages to best known art cities: a 2-week experience that provides a well-rounded perspective of Italian life and culture while studying the language and visiting places of high artistic interest and natural beauty around central Italy.


Take advantage of the special offers available at Centro Studi Italiani and receive up to 30% off your course price.
Special conditions are available for:

Returning students

30% discount

Family groups

10% discount

Members of the Dante Alighieri Society

10% discount

Students of Pontifical Universities

20% discount

Scholarships opportunities

Every year centro Studi Italiani offers scholarships to students coming from all over the world.

In order to apply  you need to send your resume and a covering letter in which you explain  why you are interested in studying the Italian language.

If your application meet our criteria you will be awarded with one of the following scholarships:

2 scholarships
€ 350

each (+ € 45 enrolment fee)

  • Equivalent to 50% off the course fee
  • 4 weeks
  • 100 hrs: Language, Conversation, Culture
2 scholarships
€ 650

each (+ € 45 enrolment fee)

  • Equivalent to 50% off the course fee
  • 8 weeks
  • 200 hrs: Language, Conversation, Culture
1 scholarship
€ 940

(+ € 45 enrolment fee)

  • Equivalent to 50% off the course fee
  • 12 weeks
  • 300 hrs: Language, Conversation, Culture