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Trust our 40+ years of experience in training companies and business teams all over the world!

The Centro Studi Italiani online language division offers numerous Italian language course options for international companies wishing to train their employees to better communicate with their Italian clients/partners. Business Italian online language courses are also a great opportunity for companies wishing to culturally train their employees to be more confident and independent in their business dealings with Italy and the Italian culture. All course options are custom based and built around the specific needs of each company.


Location Online


Total Hours Flexible


Course Structure Flexible


Course Length Flexible


Entry Level All


Price Upon request

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Are you working abroad but you need to improve your business Italian to better communicate with Italian clients, colleagues and suppliers? Are you working in Italy but you are looking for a more flexible online solution for your Business Italian language course? Then the Centro Studi Italiani Business Italian Online language course is the best option for you and your team.
We can manage small groups or individual classes. All levels are offered, from A1 to C2. Intensity and frequency can be adjusted according to your language goals. At the end of the course we will provide a written evaluation of you level and competency of the language achieved. If required by your company, we can provide a report on a regular basis (for example, once a month).

Online Platform


Our most effective and interactive e-learning platform will add extra tools to your classes and allow you to understand, speak, read, write, and practice the Italian language.

Our teaching material and editable exercise workbook are fully produced by the Centro Studi Italiani didactic team and aim at your specific needs. The material is uploaded and available at an easy click reach.

Registration and Price


We will set up your course schedule and price according to your needs. All courses include:
- access to e-learning platform and virtual classroom
- Live Business English online language classes
- virtual student office assistance

Listen to what our students say. Literally.

"L’italiano non è solo una lingua. È cultura, amore, famiglia, e devi essere proprio lì per capirlo."

Anthony Lopez (Panama)

“Era una memoria importante nella mia vita quando studiavo l’italiano al Centro Studi Italiani”

Guo Jiayi (China)

“I miei insegnanti erano incredibili! Devo tutto quello che ho imparato a loro.”

“CSI Urbania ha ottimi insegnanti e è un ambiente ideale per immergersi nell’italiano”

Jean-Pierre Deruddere (Australia)

“Centro Studi Italiani tiene un posto speciale nel mio cuore”

Laura Stedge (USA)