Centro Studi Italiani E-Experience

Connecting people to people through the Italian language

It has never been so easy to connect and share your love for Italy and the Italian culture with us!

Learn Italian from the comfort of your home through a dedicated and user friendly e-learning platform, that will allow you to virtually meet people from all over the world in a friendly and engaging small open classroom.

With 35 years of solid and unparalleled experience in teaching the Italian language to international students, our highly qualified teachers are eager to welcome you to our fast growing e-family.

Our most effective and interactive e-learning platform will allow you to understand, speak, read, write, and practice the Italian language fluently. Conversation sessions and fun interactive activities are included in our course packages. Teaching material and an editable exercise workbook are uploaded and available at an easy click reach. All sessions are fully guided and live streamed.

Can’t join one? No worry! Sessions can be recorded upon request so you can always be up to date. Different study group combinations and private sessions are now available covering multiple time zones.

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