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“The activities offered to the students by the Italian school are prepared with great care. The teaching method used for the teaching of the Italian language had great effect with the small classes, and a lot of time was dedicated to conversation. The teachers were all good and enthusiastic and both students and teachers became friends quickly and naturally.
What is also unusual about the Centro Studi Italiani is the integration in the teaching programme with culture, regional history, and excursions. And perhaps the opportunity of learning traditional local handicrafts in the artisan’s own workshop is unique”.
Prof. John Poynter (Australia)

“It will be a great pleasure for me to be able to tell my Finnish friends and the members of the Dante Alighieri Society what a wonderful world I found here in Urbania! The Marches fascinate me, the countryside is so beautiful: the scented lime trees, the bright yellow broom and the fields of sunflowers, the huge magnolias. The family whose flat I stayed in has been most kind. Immediately, the first evening they took me on a trip around Urbania and then invited me to dinner and so I was able to talk right away with the local people.
Here, in the land of Raphael and Bramante, one finds the ideal atmosphere for studying Italian. At the Centro Studi Italiani, housed in a magnificient Renaissance building, one feels like a member of one big family, and this is thanks to the exceptional director, prof. Carlo Pasotto, and all his excellent teachers and collaborators.
I have also appreciated the possibility of making friends with other students from all over the world – from Argentina to Australia. A great thank you to everyone for these unforgettable weeks here in Urbania”.
Riitta Lauslahti (Finland)

“The Centro Studi Italiani is a good school, with a good atmosphere and an excellent teaching method. The teachers are all so professional. My teacher was really excellent. I have already studied four foreign languages but I have never had such a good teacher as I have had here. The house where I stayed, recommended by the school, was beautiful”.
Prof. Hans Brant (Holland)

“In Urbania I have discovered a marvellous town! The inhabitants are really so hospitable. My family made me so welcome and I’ve loved staying with them. At the school, all the teachers are excellent and so friendly. They explain everything so clearly. In Urbania there is always something different to do. Here it is really possible to experience an authentic way of Italian life that no one can ever forget”.
Véronique Morico (France)

“I think that Urbania is perfect for an Italian course for foreigners. I do not feel as though I’m drowning in a sea of foreign voices, as I’m sure I would in a big city like Rome or Florence. The town is small, “a misura d’uomo”, no one feels lost, it’s so easy to settle in. The shopkeepers always have time to stop and have a chat. I had an excellent impression of the school right from the first morning. The director and his staff were so welcoming but without wasting time before getting down to work. the Italian courses are so carefully planned and above all the teachers really know how to teach! I have never learnt so much in such a short time. I like Urbania so much, I don’t want to leave!”.
Maura Clancy (Ireland)