High-school student raising her hand in class

We are firmly convinced that a great school is made of great teachers.


That is why our teachers are carefully selected and trained.  They are not only  graduates who are highly specialised in the teaching of Italian as a foreign language, but are specifically trained in our special  teaching method which we have consolidated over the years and are continuing to renew.




Graduate in ‘Italian Literature and Philosophy’.


“I think that a good teacher is the person who does not think they have “arrived” but who is  constantly  trying to give part of themselves to others.”




Graduate in Sociology and specialized  in ‘Communication and Educational Science’ . [quote]

“Teaching for me means above all ’sympathy’ in the Greek sense of the word, that is ‘community of feelings’. I try to put myself in the shoes of a student of any age, out of their depth, perhaps embarrassed, and I try to be the ideal teacher that I would like to have if I were in that situation. And then obviously to transmit all my enthusiasm for everything that is Italian!”




Graduate in ‘Environmental Science’.



“Teaching is a vocation.”




Graduate in  ‘Modern Languages and Literature’ and  ‘Foreign Language Teaching’.


“I think that teaching is a fantastic experience., On the one hand  I can give  something to others and see their progress day by day, which for me is a great joy and immensely rewarding. On the other hand I learn so much from my students which is  invaluably enriching for me, both personally and professionally.”



Honors Graduate in ‘Pedagogy’ and specialised in teaching methods.


For me, teaching is not only sharing my knowledge with others but above all it is transmitting the beauty of the Italian language and culture




Graduate in ‘Publishing and Writing’.



“Teaching is such an enriching experience. Navigating through so many different cultures, at times we are an anchor, at  others a deserted beach.”