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THE COURSESince its foundation, Centro Studi Italiani has been preparing  students from all over the world for university access.  Italy is the  ideal country  in which to study, because the universities and fine arts academies  offer a vast choice of courses, equal  to other European qualifications. As a result, international students have the same right to access,  scholarships and student  housing as Italian students. Centro Studi Italiani has built an educational network with the following Italian universities,  Academies of  Fine Arts and  music conservatories:

Polytechnic of the Marche
University of Camerino



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All the above institutions officially recognize the high standard teaching quality of Centro Studi Italiani and all accept its certification when students register.


Course dates 9 March – 21 August 2015
Total hours 600
Total weekly hours 25
Tuition fee € 2.990 + € 45 registration fee



Course dates 6 April – 21 August 2015
Total hours 500
Total weekly hours 25
Tuition fee € 2.590 € 45 registration fee



Course dates 4 May – 21 August 2015
Total hours 400
Total weekly hours 25
Tuition fee € 1.990 € 45 registration fee



Course dates 3 June – 21 August 2015
Total hours 300
Total weekly hours 25
Weekly hours of culture  classes (*) € 1.490 € 45 registration fee


Recreational and free time activities  
Cultural events Concerts of Italian operatic music (June, July and August).
Excursions Optional excursions are offered to nearby places of historical and cultural interest (Urbino, Gubbio, Perugia, Ravenna, Assisi, are a few examples). These excursions are not included in course fees.
Optional art courses  
Often students who wish to attend a  fine arts academy  are asked to take a graphics test and to present some of their work (portfolio) for the entrance examination.  At  the Centro Studi Italiani  we can help you  prepare your portfolio in the correct way.
Painting course Courses are held at the school and include different painting techniques (drawing, water colors, oils, etc.).  Each student is helped individually  to improve the technique most required.
Ceramics course Courses are held in one of the famous local maiolica workshops  in Urbania. Students can work alongside well known artists to learn this antique and prestigious technique.
Culture classes Most Italian universities require candidates to take an examination in knowledge of  Italian culture and the Italian political system.  Our culture classes can help you to have the basic knowledge required for this examination:
  • History of Italy
  • History of Italian political parties
  • History of the Renaissance
  • Italian Literature
  • Readings of 20th century Italian literature. Observations on style and linguistics
  • Italian economy today
Weekly program

  Morning (8.50-10.50 a.m. / 11.20-12.20 a.m.) Afternoon (2.30 / 4.30 p.m.)
Monday Language and conversation Culture classes
Tuesday Language and conversation  
Wednesday Language and conversation Excursion (2.30 / 4.30 p.m.)
Thursday Language and conversation  
Friday Language and conversation Culture class
Saturday Language and conversation  

Full day excursion (8.00 a.m. / 7.30 p.m.)


Why choose this course  
  • The course is personalized according to the requirements of the university you have chosen
  • If you decide to enrol at one of the universities with will not have to take the Italian language entrance exam (however, this course is also open to those who have chosen to enrol elsewhere)
  • Classes last 60 minutes
  •  Cultural classes  are  included  in tuition fees
  •  Classes are small (maximum 12 students) and students receive personal attention
  • There are 8 different  levels of language classes
Fees include
  • Assistance with obtaining study visas and residence permits
  •  Housing  and assistance during your stay
  •  Text books and teaching materials
  •  Student  identity card and attendance certificate
  •  Final exam at the level required by your academy or university (BI or B2)
  • Assistance with  registration at your university