Group Courses

  Total hours per week Sessions per week Duration Price
Light 2 hrs 1h per 2 sessions 8 weeks 150,00 €
The light course is the perfect solution if you wish to consolidate your linguistic skills and if you do not have much free time. Two sessions per week will allow you to brush up your knowledge, virtually meet other classmates from all over the world and practise the Italian language in a friendly and relaxed environment.
Stardard 4 hrs 2h per 2 sessions 8 weeks 290,00 €
The standard course will cover the main grammar topics and linguistic skills according to your entry level. It is also suitable for full beginners who wish to break into the fascinating world of the Italian language and culture.
Intensive 17,5 hrs (3,5 hrs per day) Monday through Friday Customize the duration of your course* 160,00 € per week
The intensive course is the ultimate experience of a full immersion into the Italian language and culture. Your daily classes, inclusive of grammar, conversation and highly engaging interactive activities, will allow you to achieve your best goals and obtain maximum proficient results.

*10% discount for applications over 4 weeks